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The Growing popularity of the Art Tattoo
Since times dating back to over five thousands years ago, people have been fascinated by the art tattoo. Historians and archeologist believe that our ancestors developed the means most likely by accident. When they realized that the marks were permanent, they developed it into a practiced art form, a ritualized marking that has continued today.

Here are a few common tattooing styles:

  • Gemini tattoo art
  • Firefighter tattoo art
  • Viking tattoo art
  • Bull tattoo art
  • Military tattoo art
  • Tiki tattoo art
  • yin yang tattoo art
  • Aztec tattoo art
  • Celtic art tattoo
  • Chicano tattoo art

The art tattoo has come into popular culture in many forms. Ancient ritualized markings denoting caste levels, honor to various gods and goddesses as well as accomplishments have found themselves at the end of a tattoo machine for the modern human canvas as a way to show personal expression. Early tattoos have been discovered on every populated continent and group of people ranging from Polynesia to Native Americans and Vikings. Early explorers discovered the mummified bodies of ancient Egyptians elected for many years to not make the discovery of tattoos known to the public due to the negative reaction that it might generate. This nondisclosure was not made public until 1891.

The art tattoo has come into popular culture in many forms. Ancient ritualized body art denoting caste levels, honor to various gods and goddesses as well as accomplishments. They have found themselves at the end of a tattoo machine for the modern human canvas as a way to show personal expression in body art.

Whereas in many cultures tattooing was solely reserved for warriors, the Egyptians practiced the art tattoo for women in service to the Gods and Goddesses. This spirituality is one of the more common reasons for tattooing. They believed that by paying homage with the body, it assured the wearer a more devoted retribution from their chosen deity and a greater chance for a rewarding afterlife.

For many the art tattoo represents a wilder side to their personality. Perhaps a bit of rebellion against the expected norms of a more staid and traditional society that looks upon a tattoo with wariness as the stigma associated with the art tattoo is not as widely spread to the more conservative. There are other individuals who use the tattoo as a means of remembrance for fallen family and friends or as a spiritual guide for their lives.

An art tattoo may still be considered a mark of stigma for older generations. This is especially true of more conservative individuals in their latter years of life. Even middle aged individuals find themselves regretting the tokens of their past and are turning to laser tattoo removal as a way to erase those memories. Younger generations are enthralled with the idea of ink marking their rites of passage from childhood to adulthood.
The art tattoo has reached a new level acceptance due to television shows such as TLC's Miami Ink. Viewers watch individuals of all walk's of life coming into the parlor to become etched with ink. Some are dedicated works of art depicting lost loved ones or as a tribute to special people in the tattooed person's life. The reasons are many and the tattoo machine, throughout the world, is working overtime

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does anybody know where I can get traditional chicano TEMPORARY tattoos from on a UK website?
    Basically my friend and I are both dressing up as bloods 'n' crips for halloween!
    We were thinking red/blue bandana tied in hair with an updo,ripped denim shorts,trainers of some sort,liquid eyeliner teardrops,big gold bamboo hoop earrings, gold teeth etc.
    I think it would look really cool if we could get hold of some temporary tattoos to wear on our arms and thighs,but I've been searching on so many temporary tattoo sites and they are all really naff and tacky.
    I wanted things like this...
    (just a few examples)
    PLEASE can someone help me!!!
    Many thanks!!

    • ANSWER:

    chicano tattoo lettering?
    Im looking for a good site where i can get chicano tattoo lettering and other tattoos..Im trying to find a site with good tattoo ideas

    • ANSWER:
      watch "locked up" on the satellite- the inmates got some sick lettering
      or "gangland" good stuff on there too
      there are many shops in the city that have Latin artists who do these fonts very well

    What is the name of the Chicano-style tattoo lettering on Kat Von D's back? Where can I find it?

    • ANSWER:

    Is there any tattoo artists in Dallas,TX that are amazing at the chicano/lowrider style tattooing?
    For example: Mr. Cartton, Jose Lopez

    • ANSWER:
      Gerardo's in Houston does! Excellent work. I know you said Dallas but Houston is only 3 hours away and Gerardo's is worth it.

    can someone e-mail me some tattoo designs with mexican art, chicano art. low rider, old school.?
    looking for mexican style designs for tattoos

    • ANSWER:
      THE best mexican-american tatoo artist. by far. good luck getting someone talented enough to pull off one of these though.

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