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Jelqing Videos For Penis Enlarging

Can a jelqing video teach you how to enlarge your penis? Maybe, but there are some very important things to look for when picking out a jelqing video. Otherwise you can waste a LOT of your time.

But first let’s all get on the same page and briefly explain what jelqing is:

Jelqing is basically an exercise used for penis enlarging. It doesn’t require any contraptions or devices, just the use of your hands. You take turns stroking/massaging your penis with each hand in a slow and controlled manner. You are likely wondering what exactly this looks like, which illustrates the importance of a jelqing video in order to actually SEE what the exercise looks like.

So while you can see the importance that a good video can provide, not all jelq vids are the same. Actually, most are bad and won’t teach you anything.

Here is exactly what to look for in a good enlarging video:

  • Human presence. This means no videos which contain “text only”. If you wanted to read about jelqing, you wouldn’t be searching out a video! This is very frustrating and unfortunately most jelq videos are like this.
  • Actual instruction. Now there are a whole other crop of videos which will have human presence, but all this person will end up doing, is talking to the camera! There will be no instruction or demonstration at all. Maybe they will verbally explain the exercise, but if we are going to look at a video then we want actual instruction.
  • Bananas, balloons, or other props. These are the type of instructional and demonstration type videos you want to look for. Videos that use props like bananas are ideal because, first of all, not a whole lot of guys feel real comfortable looking at an actual penis for several minutes. Second, a video using a prop will be safe for work and non-explicit. Third, these videos are much easier to find. None of the usual video sites will allow nudity, so an excellent work around is using a prop for demonstration purposes.

About the author: Now here is a great video blog which has a jelqing video which uses a BANANA to demonstrate the jelqing technique –

By the way, here is the jelqing routine which guys have been using to gain their first added inch in 3-6 weeks (they also have a “real deal” jelq video in their member area) –


Frequently Asked Questions

    Penis tattoos?
    Whats the deal with penis tattoos? Is there such thing? If so where can i get one!?!?!

    • ANSWER:
      Your avatar is a female and you wanna know about penis tatoos…I don’t even wanna go there!!

    I wonder if the man with the most tattoos has his penis tattooed too?
    BQ: What would you get tattooed on a penis?

    • ANSWER:
      A dragon, I’ve seen it. It was wicked cool.

    Where can i find temporary penis tattoos online?
    Wanting to pull a practical joke on my husband and put temp tattoos of penises on him while he is sleeping. I’m so mean!!! Where can i buy temporary penis tattoos online?

    Please provide a link to view the tattoos…. don’t just tell me to Google it b/c i have… and don’t tell me to look at bachelorette party supplies b/c i have… and no luck with either. :(

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know but that sounds hilarious!!!

    Do penis tattoos hurt more than regular ones?
    And do you have to be….you know….before they start.

    • ANSWER:
      You do have to be, you know, MATURE first.

    Is it safe to acquire tattoos u-pin the penis?
    I was born with a swastika directly to the left of penis. My penis is 7.5 in.; does the tattoo interfere with my erections?

    • ANSWER:
      is that a tattoo you GOT? or is it some weird birthmark…. but if its to the left of the penis, it shouldnt interfere at all, and even if its on it, it shouldnt interfere, there are some people who completely tattoo their whole penis

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