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Getting a shoulder tattoo done, is a very common thing – especially among the college going youngsters. The main reason behind getting a tattoo on the shoulder is that there is a lot of space for getting a large and attractive tattoo design on the shoulder and it can also be easily hidden – as and when required. The concept of getting shoulder tattoos for guys is prevalent since the ancient times. The Koi Fish tattoo, Nautical Star tattoo, the Tribal tattoo and Celtic Design tattoos are the shoulder tattoos for men which have been discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

Koi Fish Shoulder Tattoos for Guys
The Koi Fish tattoos are very traditional tattoos which have still managed to retain their popularity. This type of tattoos for shoulders are known for their unique looks, beauty, charm and their inseparable association with legends of China and Japan. The Koi Fish tattoos are symbols of perseverance and better luck, which are essential to live a good, happy life. As the Koi Fish tries to swim upstream against the water current, this tattoo gives a message that success or victory is achieved only after a struggle. The Koi Fish tattoos also symbolize masculinity, love, immense strength, courage and determination. These tattoos are generally black or white in color and the colors can be changed to suit the skin color of the person. The designs used in the Koi Fish tattoo, which are used as zodiac tattoos, can be a water flow with great background and also of a beautiful fish. Some tattoos depict the change of the Koi Fish into a dragon near the dragon gate, while some other styles can be used in these tattoos by making efficient use of Japanese art. These tattoos have similarities with the famous chinese dragon tattoos.
Nautical Star Tattoos
The Nautical Star, is basically a star with five points, which have been filled with alternate colors after the points have been split it into half. The Nautical Star tattoos are the best tattoos for shoulder, which have their origins way back in 1769. These can be great small tattoos for shoulder which were used by sailors for getting the correct direction during the hours of night navigation. Apart from the shoulders, these tattoos are made at other parts of body like arms and legs. These tattoos have become popular in the US because of their old use in sailing. The Nautical Star Tattoos are considered to be one of the best shoulder tattoos for guys though they are equally popular among the girls.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoos for Guys
Like the Koi Fish tattoos and the Nautical Star tattoos, the Tribal Tattoos are the most loved shoulder tattoos for guys. The Celtic Design tattoos, Egyptian tattoos, Maori tattoos, Polynesian designs, Haida design tattoos, Japanese tattoos, Hawaiian tattoos and Samoan tattoos are the various ranges of the Tribal Tattoos which suit many people. You can read more on tribal dragon tattoos and native american tattoos.

Tips for Designing Shoulder Tattoos
Following are some useful tips for designing shoulder tattoos for guys:

  • Search for trendy and attractive tattoo designs before approaching a tattoo artist
  • Make sure that there is a theme or interesting idea behind choosing a particular tattoo design
  • Decide the length of the tattoo
  • The location of the shoulder tattoo should be decided in advance
  • Use the horizontal designs for shoulder blade and long designs, which are thin for the upper biceps
  • Your tattoo artist can take reference from the print out computer designs

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How to do traditional samoan tattoos?
    I want to know how to do the tattoos like samoans. I’m a tattoo artist and I’m really interested in the tattoos that polynisians did. Not the designs, but how to do it. Such as what materials would i need to do it. I don’t want to use my tattoo gun, but i want to do it traditionally, i think it was with a chisel-like object, but i’m not sure

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry but I don’t think that’s something your going to get answered on yahoo answers. Requires too much depth compared to what can be imparted here. I’m not 100% familiar with samoan tradition but most traditions don’t pass along such information casually.

      I do know this about Samoan tattoos don’t copy some pattern you see in a book and call it Samoan. The patterns have great significance they can tell many things about a person even their lineage. You certainly wouldn’t want to tattoo someone elses lineage on someone. So don’t dismiss the importance of studying the significance in the designs themselves.

      Your best bet is going to be seek out those who specialize in the art form (but don’t be surprised if you find that they don’t always use traditional methods many of them have changed to using machines for their work, Even the great tebori master Hiriyoshi III will use a machine to outline then do the coloring by traditional methods) Contact them and ask them where you can get started to learn.

    where can i find Samoan tribal turtle tattoos?
    where can i find Samoan tribal turtle tattoos? I’ve tried searching on google but not getting much that way.

    • ANSWER:
      I hope you’re actually Samoan.

    Where can I get a Tradittional Samoan tattoo in The United States?
    I am looking for a parlor in the states that does traditional samoan tattoos and will tattoo a non samoan. I have looked but found nothing. Anywhere in the U.S. will work someone help me out.

    • ANSWER:
      I am sure there are lots in California, but if I were you I would take the trip to Samoa ( either of the two ). I’m sure that you want great quality, and the best place to get it is in Samoa.

    Traditional Samoan tattoos?
    I’m planning a trip to Samoa for 2 weeks in December 2009. I would like to have a samoan tattoo done in the traditional way. Does anyone know of any artists in Samoa (not NZ) who do tattoos this way? Thanks (PS: i’m going alone so if anyone’s interested in joining drop me a message)

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sure when you go there you can ask the locals for a safe place to have it done. I did that in Costa Rica (although I was nervous but then I met the artist, saw the equipment, etc. and although she was a bit offended, i got it done!)

      p.s. i’ll be in New Zealand (i know you said not new zealand) from September onwards, I might be up for Samoa in December because i’m going alone to NZ and have no plans.

      email me if you want to lol

    Does anyone know a website that has traditional Samoan tattoos, or Samoan symbols?

    • ANSWER:

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